I like  exploring the delicate luminosity of watercolour, which allows me to capture subtle atmosphere changes that another medium would not.

    J'aime beaucoup la délicatesse tonale de l'aquarelle, qui permet de saisir l'atmosphère d'une scène avec une subtilité que d'autres moyens ne permettraient pas.


Te Haruhi Bay 2
Head River Birch
Mongolian Birch

 Summer grasses
Head River Study 1

Head River Study 2

Salsi Ruptores



Summer Squall


Spring Sunrise in Labrador

Newfoundland Coves


Storm oncoming

Matakatia Bay

Against the Tide



Snowy Creek

Whangaparaoa 1
Fall Birch Study

Ocean Crossing [NFS]


First Surf

Frozen Island 2


Climb to Sealy Tarns

Rushing River

Frozen Island 3

Reflets d'automne [sold]

Waterfall [sold]

Mountain Study

Sifted Light [sold]

Deciduous trees...

..in their shadowbox
[donated to a fundraiser]

Mountain Clouds

Dusk at New Plymouth [sold]

Killarney I
Irises Study 2 [sold]

Niagara Falls [sold]








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