Silkscreened Tank Tops


These linen tank tops are individually handprinted with varying patterns of fall foliage in autumnal colours. 
Each of them is unique, so both patterns and colours vary from piece to piece. 

Some tank tops are silkscreened only on the front or only on the back; others have one motif [like 'Maple outline',  'Lumière boréale' or the examples featured here] on the front and another on the back. 

Natural linen [grey-tan colour], hand-printed with fall foliage [silkscreen]
Sizes: S, M
Price: $ 15.- each

Commissions  accepted - within the limits of the patterns in this section - for: clothing, tablecloths and napkins, cushions, pillowcases or bedding, tote bags, aprons, curtains or wall hangings.