Maples Outline


This silkscreen pattern, called 'Maples Outline', is currently available on linen tank tops and 100% cotton T-shirts.
The inspiration comes from real leaves taken from a variety of Canadian maple trees, and artistically rendered to actual scale.

Each hand-made printing is unique; no two are exactly alike, so  the colours vary from piece to piece. 

Tank Tops: Natural linen, hand-printed with fall foliage 
Sizes: S, M
Price: $ 15.- each

T-Shirts: 100% cotton, white or coloured, hand-printed with 'Maples Outline'
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Price: $ 18.- each
Other colour combinations than those pictured above are available on demand

Commissions  accepted - within the limits of the patterns in this section - for: clothing, tablecloths and napkins, cushions, pillowcases or bedding, tote bags, aprons, curtains or wall hangings.