My artistic work and explorations continue, between various travels, 
and I share some of them on my Facebook Pages:

You are invited to visit and comment!


Screen Prints
October 27 - November 2, 2017

The Freedom Factory
22 Dovercourt Ave, Toronto  [South of Queen Str W]

Opening: Friday, October 27,   7.00 - 11.00 pm


Don Valley Art Club's Fall Show & Sale

November 15 - 26, 2017

Papermill Gallery
Todmorden Mills
61 Pottery Road, Toronto
[off DVP]

Including a wall of 1 square foot original works priced $ 144.-

Opening Artists' Reception: Wednesday, November 15, 2017
7.00 pm - 9.00 pm
[2 parking lots available, behind the gallery and across the street]


New Work

September - November 2018

Lazy Daisy's Cafe
1515 Gerrard Str. East
Tel:  647/ 341-4070


2017  SO  FAR:
Participated to the DVAC and TWS Spring shows celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary, 
the Fall TWS juried exhibit at Columbus Centre, and to 5 group shows at Artusiasm Gallery 
[see 'Past Exhibits' for details]

I  travelled for three months through New Zealand, enjoying Summer at the antipodes,


and also visited Switzerland several times this year.



2016 IN  REVIEW:

I had 3 solo exhibits and participated to 10 collective shows during 2016, 
between four trips to Switzerland to care for my parents.

In June & July, I travelled across Newfoundland - pictures and comments to be found on Facebook.
Some of the paintings were displayed in the OPAS show, the others somewhere later.

I have also been deeply affected by the decline of my elderly parents and their poor health, 
and that has obviously influenced my art. 
I find trees continue to express my emotions and thoughts well, as you can see here:

Yesterday, TWS Award of Merit                           Afeared II                                                                Inside-Out IV

Please see 'Past Exhibits' for details about 2016's concluded shows

2015  IN  REVIEW:

During this year I participated to seven collective exhibits and had two solo shows.
[see 'Past Exhibits' for details]

I also attended several inspiring art classes over the Summer: 
  = Fold, Tear and Cut [paper] at the TSA with Donnelly Smallwood, and
Printmaking at CTS with Dawn Hemmy

Elliptoid, scored paper construction       Persistence, lt.ed. etching on Japanese paper               Map, rice paper and ink

2014  IN  REVIEW:

At the beginning of 2014 I focused on finishing my 3-year visual art programme at the Art Centre, 
graduating from CTS at the end of June.   During that time, I developed three series of works:

                                                            = Gestation/ Germination, a series of sculptures, installations and 3-D pods
                                                            = Groves, a series of abstracted acrylic paintings and drawings
                                                            = Fractured, a series of large acrylic paintings with palette knives

                                                                                  Gestating, hydrocal & cotton mesh                                 Summer Grove, abstract acrylic
                                                                                  sculpture, January 2014 [detail]                                       painting, March 2014   [detail]  

In September 2014 I went painting outdoors with OPAS 
for most of a week in Killarney, and another week in Killbear Provincial Park.

Between October and December 2014 I had 4 solo exhibits 
and participated to one collective show.
[see 'Past Exhibits' for details]

Solo Exhibits in Preparation:

Newfoundland in Watercolour and Acrylic Paintings


New Zealand Landscapes