My artistic work and explorations continue,
and I share some of them on my Facebook Pages:

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Due to the pandemic restrictions on public spaces, 
 art shows have moved online.
Please visit them 
and feel free to contact me for any of my artworks you're interested in.


Toronto Watercolour Society's
37th Annual Spring Juried Online
Exhibition and Sale

June 1, 2021 -  September 1, 2021


Visit the exhibition


John B. Aird Gallery's


Online Exhibition Slideshow + Artbook

September & October 2021

Aird website


2021 PLANS:
Enrolled in [so far] 7 online workshops with accomplished artists
Preparing pieces for DVAC,  TWS, LifeFramer and Aird online shows

Because of the evolving public health situation, 
plans can be only tentative at this time, and may change on short notice. 
Please e-mail me directly with any enquiry

2020 IN REVIEW :
Participated in the Textile Show and the Watercolour Show at GAS, 
and in the DVAC and TWS Online Shows in Spring and Winter
Had to cancel 2 site-specific solo shows due to galleries closing over lockdowns

Mourned my 96-year-old mother's passing away.
Sewed lots of masks for family and friends. 
Sewed Liturgical fabric coverings and gardened a lot.

Took an exciting and challenging workshop with 
Andrew Cheddie Sookrah in November

Besides participating in 12 collective shows, 
I had a solo exhibit STORY HOUSES at Montgomery's Inn, 
where I was invited to give a very well received slide show presentation.


I also attended the June CSPWC week-long Watercolour Symposium in Cape Breton,
and took a 2-day Water Media workshop with Momin Khan in the fall.

Plus visited several times my elderly mother in Switzerland, as usual.

2018 IN  REVIEW:

Participated in 19 collective exhibits and events [for details see News -- Past Exhibits], 
had 3 solo shows, 
took a week-long watercolour workshop with Ron Hazell 
to perfect painting water in all its forms,
and visited my ailing elderly mother in Switzerland multiple times.


2017  IN  REVIEW:
Participated in the DVAC and TWS Spring & Fall shows celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary, 
and in 7 other group shows at John B. Aird Gallery, Artusiasm Gallery & The Freedom Factory
[see 'Past Exhibits' for details]

I  travelled for three months through New Zealand, enjoying Summer at the antipodes, and also visited Switzerland three times.


In the second half of 2017 I have been deeply affected by the loss of my 95-year-old father. 
I am mourning him still. 


2016 IN  REVIEW:

I had 3 solo exhibits and participated in 10 collective shows during 2016, 
between four trips to Switzerland to care for my parents.

In June & July, I travelled across Newfoundland - pictures and comments to be found on Facebook.
Some of the paintings were displayed in the OPAS show, the others somewhere later.

I have also been affected by the decline of my elderly parents and their poor health, 
and that has obviously influenced my art. 
I find trees continue to express my emotions and thoughts well, as you can see here:

Yesterday, TWS Award of Merit                     Afeared II                                                            Inside-Out IV


2015  IN  REVIEW:

During this year I participated in seven collective exhibits and had two solo shows.

I also attended several inspiring art classes over the Summer: 
  = Fold, Tear and Cut [paper] at the TSA with Donnelly Smallwood, and
= Printmaking at CTS with Dawn Hemmy

Elliptoid, scored paper construction       Persistence, lt.ed. etching on Japanese paper               Map, rice paper and ink


2014  IN  REVIEW:

At the beginning of 2014 I focused on finishing my 3-year visual art programme at the Art Centre, 
graduating from CTS at the end of June.   During that time, I developed three series of works:

                                                            = Gestation/ Germination, a series of sculptures, installations and 3-D pods
                                                            = Groves, a series of abstracted acrylic paintings and drawings
                                                            = Fractured, a series of large acrylic paintings with palette knives

                                                            Gestating, hydrocal & cotton mesh                                 Summer Grove, abstract acrylic
                                                            sculpture, January 2014 [detail]                                      painting, March 2014   [detail]  

In September 2014 I went painting outdoors with OPAS 
for most of a week in Killarney, and another week in Killbear Provincial Park.

Between October and December 2014 I had 4 solo exhibits 
and participated in one collective show.


Solo Exhibits in Preparation:

Abstracted Waterscapes 


Landscape Paintings of New Zealand